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Encompass the changing risks and threats that your business and staff face on day to day basis, helping extend your  duty of care outside of the workplace.  Holistic and realistic risk analysis designed to underpin our services and solutions, making sure that what we offer is relevant, and bespoke to your company, regardless of your location.

We eliminate tick box solutions, ensuring that you only invest in what you need to ensure the ongoing capabilities and safety of your staff. Our focus is not just on the workplace, we help you to extend your duty of care to all the important aspects of your employee’s life, creating an “I can save a life” culture that makes a real difference.


Businesses have traditionally been constrained by  first aid training prescribed by the HSE . We aim to change that, by making our training accessible, relevant and clearly aligned to the threats that we face in this changing world.
We underpin our courses with accredited theoretical content, and equipment students with the core first aid skills that are needed to save a life, We  then challenge them to apply those skills in an environment or situation which is real world, not contrived. This pushes our students into an area where they have confidence to deal with all manner of incidents, in all manner of situations.

  • Bespoke Content underpinned with Certified Qualifications
  • HSE Approved First Aid Courses
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Risk Specific Modules
  • Online and Blended  Training Delivery Options


End to end cost effective medical planning solutions, underpinned by the latest industry best practice guidelines, delivered and managed by experienced pre hospital care practitioners.

Pre travel Medical Risk analysis – A comprehensive desktop risk profile of medical issues faced when operating in a specific region , with country specific breakdown.

Site Specific Medical Survey – Comprehensive medical audit and risk assessment of work sites, focusing on the medical infrastructure and the subsequent compilation of a full risk management manual with recommendations.

Medical Emergancy Response Plans – From evacuation plans and medical site surveys to transportation options and customs clearance procedures,  your bespoke MERP will enable your team or individual  to proactively and successfully plan for and respond to medical emergencies, regardless of location.

Full service medical consultancy for individual travellers or a complex mobilisations, ensuring that you travel with the confidence you need in the medical infrastructure supporting your project and staff.

Fully certified training delivery, delivered by qualified and current instructors, accredited through one of the UKs Premier awarding bodies.

Comprehensive medical audit and risk assessment of work sites, focusing on the medical infrastructure and the subsequent compilation of a full risk management manual with recommendations.


Semita approach projects the highest standards of medical training and support into everyday business, giving everyone access to solutions that can make a difference to their everyday lives.

Our Method

We leverage the legacy and institutional knowledge of prior operations, organisations, and entities to deliver solutions that bridge the gap between your legislated requirements and the risks and dangers your staff face at work, and in their day to day lives. Our teams have operated in a range of differing environments, and have a deep understanding of how to use this practical experience to create relevant solutions for your business.

Our Experience

Everything we do is focused around credibility – highly trained & accredited, with depth & diversity of background.

LIBYA – Consultancy, Training, Staffing
TUNISIA – Consultancy, Training
IRAQ/JORDAN – Consultancy, Staffing
UK – Training, Staffing, Consultancy
AFGHANISTAN – Staffing, Consultancy, Training
LIBYA – Consultancy, Training, Staffing
TUNISIA – Consultancy, Training
IRAQ/JORDAN – Consultancy, Staffing
UK – Training, Staffing, Consultancy
AFGHANISTAN – Staffing, Consultancy, Training

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Just as no two businesses are the same, neither are any two of our solutions. For more information on what we can do to create a solution for your business, please use the details below to talk to one of our Medical Specialists.

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